Lady Cacao’s Secret Chamber: Slow Kink, Sensuality & the Undefended Heart. With London Faerie & Ruby May
Berlin: February 27 – 28, London: March 19 – 20, Copenhagen: May 28 – 29.

We’re told that the heart has four chambers.

What they don’t tell us is that there’s a fifth chamber

- a secret one -

tumblrlt5xrcN7fd1r4ce6xo1500Here’s where you lock away the things you want to hide even from yourself: your tenderest vulnerability, your deepest longings, your most shameful desires.

Unlock the Secret Chamber and everything changes.

Unlock the Secret Chamber and you discover a richness of connection and rawness of intimacy that lies beyond your imagination.

Unlock the Secret Chamber and you become whole.

Lady Cacao is gentle, gracious and relentless in touching these hidden parts of you. She’s the spirit of sacred chocolate, a plant medicine that’s been corrupted and bastardised for its delicious, sweet taste. You’re not going to open the Secret Chamber, however many Galaxies you cram into your mouth! We’ll be sharing a blend of raw, ceremonial grade Cacao from Guatemala and Bali, and inviting the gentle spirit of this ally to support us in finding the right key.

Lady Cacao’s Secret Chamber is a new collaboration by London Faerie & Ruby May. We share a passion for creating intimate spaces where people can explore their edges safely. We both love the medicinal and magical properties of sensuality, kink and Cacao. The question we’re asking ourselves this time is: what happens when we create a space for those three things at once?

There's only one way to find out!

Faerie says:

Since encountering the work of M. Scott Peck in the late 90s, I’ve been fascinated by how vulnerability opens us up to each other and allows a deeper intimacy to flourish. Then my journey led me to BDSM, where I discovered that both dominant and submissive are in a vulnerable place. This is why kinky encounters are often so profound, so touching and so damned sexy!

In the past few years I’ve worked closely with Lady Cacao as a guide and ally. She’s helped me open up my secret chamber and showed me how important it is to be tender and undefended in my relationships. 

I’m very excited to bring together three of my great curiosities in this workshop – and of course to work with my darling friend and soul sister Ruby May. Join us for an adventure into depth and sensitivity – and pleasure, of course. Always pleasure.

Find out more about Faerie here

Ruby says:

To see and be seen in our entirety – this is our fear and our longing, and where so much of the magic happens. This focus of our weekend exploration invites us to enter a different kind of state together: where we slow down, drop down into a deeper, more embodied presence, and become much more honest with ourselves and each other, than we are perhaps in daily life. 

This is what creates the edge we dance with: safety, yet so much more excitement, that comes from the opportunities to be courageous, reveal ourselves and discover lesser known aspects of ourselves. These kinds of encounters offer a particular kind of nourishment that are souls crave for.

Of course all of this always comes back to the heart – it is the heart that seeks to integrate and embrace all, regardless of whether appropriate, taboo or scary. And what a beautiful addition to our weekend – to receive the support and guidance of Cacao, a gentle plant ally, which I have been working with over the past three years. This plant teacher has so much to share with us – not only about opening our hearts, but about our connection to earth, the power of intention, of ritual, of listening, humility, and so much more. It is a great pleasure and honour to join my colleague and dear friend Faerie to embark on this adventure with you!

To find out more about Ruby here and more about her work with Cacao, here


Join us for a weekend of ritual, embodied play and togetherness...

The weekend will offer opportunities to explore our desires and fears, intimacy, sensuality and surrender, where the focus is on ‘permission’ rather than ‘pushing’, and each participant goes at their own pace and respects their own boundaries. We’ll leave room for spontaneity and the unknown, allowing Lady Cacao to take us where she want us to go, so the magic can unfold…

We look forward to diving deep with you soon!

Who is this workshop for?

Lady Cacao’s Secret Chamber is a Level 3 (Intermediate) event and is aimed at those with some experience working with conscious sexuality, BDSM or personal growth. You’ve probably attended some workshops with Ruby, Faerie or other facilitators, or explored your sexuality in another way.

This workshop is not suitable for people who are brand-new in all these areas. If you’re a newbie and want a suitable event to attend, please check out Intimately or Authentic Eros.

If you’re not sure whether Lady Cacao’s Secret Chamber is for you, please email Faerie (faerie @ sacredpleasures . co . uk) or Ruby (info @ alchemy-eros . co . uk) and we’ll be happy to chat with you about it.


Pricing & Practical Info

The third and final Lady Cacao’s Secret Chamber in Copenhagen takes place at:

CHAI (Copenhagen Heart Awakening Institute)
This event is open to individuals, couples and poly groups.

It runs at the following times:

Saturday May 28th, 11am – 9pm
Sunday May 29th, 11am – 6pm

Lady Cacao’s Secret Chamber is a complete journey and you need to be there from start to finish. We also recommend against planning a big Saturday night out, as this will take away from your experience of participating in the workshop.

This workshop is priced at 1800 DKK per person

Please email to register


To register

Please send an email to inner doorways @

Lady Cacao was inspiring: I felt rooted, open hearted, well connected to my core.


Participant from 'In Service To Lady Cacao' with Faerie

A magical and connecting experience


Participant from 'In Service To Lady Cacao' with Faerie

We could see each other and accept us as we are – and I could come closer to discover, see and feel the essence who I am. Afterwards, I felt full, alive, solid and strong.


Participant from 'Intimate Encounters with Cacao' with Ruby May