Welcome to the world of Ruby May, international illuminatrix, dream-weaver and purveyor of permission and possibilities...

Ruby offers gatherings and events and around the world on the theme of intimacyplay and authentic expression, weaving together spaces where we can find the magic in the mundane, the sacred in the profane, our power in our deepest vulnerability, and witness our magnificence unfold…

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Where in your everyday life do you have the time and space to deeply connect to yourself, exploring questions, desires, interests and issues around your self, sex and intimacy?

Where can you discover your body as a gate into more aliveness, pleasure and meaning?

Where can you experiment with new steps towards passion, vulnerability and power; or inquire about Eros as a phenomenon beyond sexuality – the expression of life and spirit in you, others and the world around you?

Authentic Eros provides such a space.

Calling all the bitchy-witches, the holy-home-girls, crones, sisters, mothers, soul-rebels and all beings that identify with the feminine fountain life-force called Womenhood.  

Ruby May & Maegan Melissa (DJ Alma ∞ Omega) warmly welcome your fierceness, fire, you softness & surrender—as we embark on a three-part immersion into embodied womb-wisdom in a closed circle of sisters in Berlin, spanning three weekends this Autumn!

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Truth Bites

On feeling small…

If women are to be regarded equal in value in the world and our power and the medicine we bring, honoured, then I believe that part of what we must move towards is men learning to meet their feelings of inferiority and smallness, if or when they arise. Of course we...

post #metoo musings

Women… fact: if you suppress your own sexuality, you are very likely projecting this onto others, including men. If you are not allowing yourself to be comfortable as a sexual being, if you are not at ease with your own initiator and your inner...

On ‘Conscious’ Sexuality & Trauma…

During my first professional sexuality training, I was explicitly encouraged to have no boundaries. If there was a man I didn’t want to do an intimate exchange with, I was told I should work through my resistance, that my boundaries were due to my...

On Women & Victimhood

Whenever I or others question anything about women and victimhood, there are often accusations of being misogynist, which – as someone who has devoted a good portion of my life to loving the Feminine and supporting women’s empowerment – is so far...

Happiness is not an inside job

I often wish I had never been exposed to ‘spiritual’ literature and philosophies. Especially the maxim ‘happiness is an inside job’. Sure, there is truth in that. But our ‘spirituality’ emanates from the paradigm we are embedded...


Wow. Wow. Wow. Such an indescribably beautiful and powerful (and fun!!!) experience. What a precious gift you are Ruby May. Such an honor to witness you lovingly encourage and hold space for each person to embrace themselves as their own precious gift. Truly extraordinary

Justine Speed

Workshop producer

I’ve been in group workshops since the early seventies…. I’ve heard it all from a myriad of angles and viewpoints.  It all comes down to purity of intention and holding the highest regard for each persons evolution. This coupled with insight, intuition and the courage to speak the truth and the tough love that catalyzes a group to reach their highest purpose. You were impeccable in your hearts delivery. And the love from which it came was palpable to one versed in decades of similar processes. Thank you for your courage and your trust to follow your interests and be guided by your intuition.  I feel privileged to have been able to participate in one of your workshops. You have a gift and you are such a treat.  


Ruby has such a deeply heart held way of facilitating, like the air that you don’t notice keeps you alive. She radiates and is an invisible weaver. I saw profound shifts in both myself and others that are deep and expansive.

Lotus Kruse

Coach, mentor, speaker

Ruby is an inspired and inspiring leader. In the workshops I have attended with her, I have found myself able to connect with issues that terrified me at the outset. Her gentle and thoughtful approach is clearly the result of years of study and experience. And yet she manages to hold space with a light touch and a sense of joy and humour.



Ruby is just the most wonderful facilitator you could hope for; her jubilant energy and sincere gentle nature, in combination with a deep love for exploring authentic connection makes for such a beautiful space. Ruby’s workshop showed me how to delve into the deepest layers of myself, to the juicy core of how I truly connect to my own desire – and that this is the source of real power.

This workshop is not just ‘another workshop’ ….This is a laboratory for a new way of living; of metabolising systems and paradigms, liberating us from culture’s imagined spectrum of what it means to be female.

This work is about creating a new way of connecting, and finding pure joy in simply being – realising our full potential as female people, and just what healing magic we can conjure with this power.  I met my true self, surrendered sweetly and was finally able to say: “you are powerful and beautiful, just as you are. You no longer need to add anything.”



The fusion of sacred sex with conscious BDSM is the new frontier of sexual and spiritual growth. Ruby and her team are the perfect caring, creative, and courageous facilitators to nurture and expand this work.

Barbara Carellas

Author of ‘Urban Tantra’ and “Ecstasy is Necessary”

All my chakras have aligned, my heart has burst open like a ripe peach. This has been a remarkably quick but deep journey through resistance, old prejudices and isolation. At 61, I have opened to more aliveness, joy and potential. 



I cannot even describe how I feel after this workshop.

every part of me feels so alive.

everything is vibrating and sparkling,

full of strange, dangerous, lovely promises – Luisa



As I keep going over my experiences this weekend I discover that in addition to the actual focus of the workshop, I’ve also learned a ton of healthy habits about how to interact with other people on a number of levels. From a professional level as a facilitator or teacher, to a personal level as a supporter or witness to the private level of how to communicate with an intimate partner with body, breath, voice and eyes. Life lessons. This all has immense value to me.



The level of trust and intimacy, astounded me and gave me permission to explore those parts of myself that are often hidden. Not only to explore, but to celebrate them, be nourished by them. I danced with the reality of my illusions, I found joy and laughter in my vulnerability, I transformed my shame into strength. Forever grateful



I don’t think I’ve ever participated in a workshop that was so gentle and subtle as Ruby May’s. The workshop was beautiful as it was, with beautiful exercises, but the process was so much deeper than just the experiences each moment. In those moments, I learned to express myself much clearer. To be brave and feel into what I want or desire. And express that. And again. And again. I realise that expressing my desires is an act of pure self-love. That not speaking up is abandoning myself, each time again. I have the full right, power but also the responsibility to speak up. My desires as much as my boundaries. I’m looking forward to integrating these new insights and imprints into my life!


Facilitator, writer

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